Arriva Bus Services in Bedfordshire

Arriva Bus

Arriva Bus offers bus services in all over the United Kingdom including Bedfordshire among other areas. Arriva runs a wide range of transport services which include buses, trains, airport transportation services, coach distribution among other services to its customers. The travel facilities are available on Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. It operates in towns and routes such as Luton Airport, Luton, and Bedford among others. 

Sapphire Services

Arriva Bus has introduced Sapphire service which is a new premium package based on the opinion of customers. Arriva carried out extensive research through focus groups and surveys to come up with the service. Importantly, the service will attract the infrequent users to use the bus more on their journeys in the UK. Sapphire services aim to provide punctual, reliable and direct services to the passengers. The customers will experience frequent routes which will be more immediate and with individual attention. Keeping time will be a priority for the buses. If you have been affected by any delays or poor customer service then don't hesitate to contact Arriva Bus Uk

Improved Customer Comfort

The Sapphire premium services in Bedfordshire offers Wi-Fi and other improvised equipment such as audio-visual equipment for announcing the next stop for the customers. The buses running on Sapphire routes are new and refurbished. The coaches have new luxury seats which are more spacious and have high backs and broader bases. The buses offer customers free Wi-Fi to ensure the passengers enjoy the journey in Bedfordshire. The coaches also have charging points for charging your laptop, cell phone or tab during your travels on Arriva Bus. The new comfortable seats come with display screens and audios to ensure customers alight at the right place. The audio-visual feature is also useful in case a passenger is visually impaired or not familiar with the bus services or the route in Bedfordshire. The CCTV on the buses enhances the security of the customers on Arriva Bus.

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Discover Popular Places in Bedfordshire

You can visit and enjoy different attractions in Bedfordshire while using Arriva bus services. The Arriva buses transport you to favourite shopping centres, historic towns, seaside, cities and countryside among other famous places. Arriva Bus Services provide a variety of affordable tickets that ensure you enjoy scenery sites in the comfort of Arriva bus. Some of the favourite places include Luton Airport and Luton among others.

Plan your Journey 

Arriva Bus provides the customers with an Arriva Bus mobile app. You can use the app to get crucial information on Arriva bus services, especially on local bus services in Bedfordshire. The app guides customers on the schedule of the next bus which facilitates planning of the customers. The passenger also gets information on the upcoming bus and nearest bus stop. The app provides real-time updates. You can use the current location to locate the bus stop which is most near to your place. You can see the bus as it progresses on the route and plan your journey in Bedford. You can create your timetable and personalise it.
You can purchase Arriva bus tickets through the phone, on the bus, online or the local shop in Bedfordshire and enjoy comfortable and frequent trips.

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